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White Opals

White opals are among the most common of opals and are also known as 'milky' opals due to the milky appearance they have. White opals can display the characteristic colors that all the other opal types have although probably not as obvious as say in the black opals where the colors tend to shine out more.

White opals are more plentiful than the other colors and, as there is less obvious colors to be seen, they tend to be somewhat cheaper, although a really good quality brilliant white opal with vibrant colors can still fetch over $150 USD per carat.

Nevertheless a good quality white opal can look enchanting in the right setting, perhaps set in yellow or white gold in a ring or pendant.

Sometimes a white opal is also partially translucent. When this happens it shows off the clarity and vibrancy of the color and the value of the stone increases thereby. These are rare but unmistakable when found. They are truly one of nature's wonders and having an opal of this quality is a treasure indeed.

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