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Kabana Opals

Kabana OpalsWhen someone asked me what I knew about Kabana opals, I had to admit that I knew nothing much except that it was some form of exquisite jewelry. Since then however, I did a little research to find all about this elusive jewelry and gathered that it is in fact a distinctive designer collection of jewelry set up in 1975 in New Mexico. The specialty of Kabana is its mastery in inlay work where tried and proven classic techniques in jewelry making has been interspersed with innovative new technology to produce some of the world’s most beautiful and contemporary designs in jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. What makes the Kabana collection so unique is the method used to inlay or embed gemstones into jewelry or any other item.

Kabana is more famous for its Kabana Opal inlays than for any other stone. The use of mother of pearl, black onyx or gold in quartz inlay is done frequently or those who wish to do so can order their own choice of inlay as per their preference. Kabana Opals however makes use only of the natural and precious opals mined in the outback of Australia that comes in a range of colors from yellow, orange and red to ones that are bluish green and sometimes even pink, white, or black and never enhanced by kind of treatment. They are always cut by hand to fit the design in order to enhance its unique style and look of perfection.

When creating Kabana opal jewelry, the very best precious gemstones are selected to be cut and shaped to be embedded in the piece of jewelry. The specialty of this innovative trade is that everything is done by hand with pride of place given to fitting the opal precisely into the setting. Once this has been done, the piece will be ground and smoothened to achieve precision and a classy finish. This makes the Kabana opals a one of a kind of jewelry with their being no pieces of the same design ever created. Being completely made in America right from the start to the finish, there’s never any outsourcing done and every piece is crafted in the state of the art factory situated in New Mexico.

Kabana Opals are chosen for the clarity of the stone and those selected will have a clear opaque color although the grading of the stone has no bearing on the color of the opal. The opals are mostly available either in bluish green or red color which might have a little red or purple in them. At times, blue green opal might have tones of yellow or light greens although it’s rare to find stones that are blue green as well as red. Kabana opals are graded into categories as well starting from the Triple ‘A’ opal, Four ‘A’ opal, and the Five ‘A’ opal which is supposed to be the finest grade of all opals.

If you want to get the perfect gift for a lady born in the month of October, buy Kabana opals that are sure to make her eyes open wide with delight. Even if not born in October, an exquisite Kabana Opal pendant would be perfectly charming for someone who loves old fashioned Victorian jewelry and would be completely won over by its simple elegance

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