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White Opal Silver Rings

White Opal Silver RingsWhite opals, also known as milky opals, are distinguished by their pale-white body tone. They are found in abundance in Australia and are the most common type of opals available. Although the most desired and beautiful is the black opal, the white opal comes next in line with its colors of white, crème and yellow. These opals look stunning when used in a ring amidst a setting of silver, silver-tone metal or gold.

The beauty of the opal lies in its play of colors which keeps changing according to the angle in which it is viewed. This shifting is called opalescence. These flashes of color can be a single large flash or even several tiny dense flashes. The distribution of which determines the value of the white opals. Being the birthstone for the month of October, what better gift can there be for a girlfriend or wife when you present her with a white opal silver ring which symbolizes hope and purity.

Famous for their opalescence and dramatic flashes of color, white opals are even more prized for their powers of bestowing success and happiness to the wearer not to mention beauty and foresight. Being a gemstone of great flamboyance, a silver opal ring is a trendy item of jewelry in the modern fashion scene and can be just the right accessory to add chic and sophistication to any outfit worn in the day or night.

When looking to buy white opal silver rings, you have to find the perfect opal as the centerpiece of the ring and it’s important to choose one that has brilliant flashes of internal fire. Like any other precious stone, white opals are also graded according to color, clarity, cut and cost. The most important out of this in the case of the opal is the clarity of the stone because the color and the cut will always depend on the preference of the buyer. It is the clarity and opalescence of the white opal that will play a major part in the making of a perfect silver opal ring.

It is often said that the most beautiful opal rings are made of high domed cabochons as the center stone due to their clarity and opalescence which can flash a myriad of colors every which way when the ring is held in the light. If the center stone is dull due to sand particles or any inclusions flawing its clarity, the beauty of the silver opal ring will definitely be ruined without the flashes of fire that makes the white opal a thing of beauty.

A beautiful white opal will be of no use if does not have the perfect setting. Therefore you have to make sure when you purchase your opal ring or order it from a jewelry store online, that it comes in a setting of precious metal such as silver, white gold, or platinum. It must be said that the white opal will be stunning in a setting of silver to create the most amazing looking white opal silver ring.

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