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Opal Inlaid Jewelry

Opal Inlaid JeweleryWomen anywhere in the world love jewelry and in fact for most women, it’s their first love. No woman is ever satisfied with the pieces of jewelry she has and always wants more in the form necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Even if she has everything anyone could possible want, she would still like to have more in different designs, colors, inlaid with precious stones or embellished with other metals to make them look unique and trendy.

Opals come in every color you can think of from white to black and everything in between with black being the most expensive and precious of them all. There are some very special opals which has all the colors of the rainbow in it which makes it a really unique stone. Opals are just the kind of gemstone that can make even the dullest outfit look smart. Although opals are mined and manufactured throughout the world and mostly in Australia, only a fraction of this large amount is considered precious and of great value. A really good piece of opal has a myriad of breathtaking colors that are displayed according to the reflection of light and the angle it is viewed.

For the woman who has everything, opal inlay jewelry is the answer. There are so many beautiful pieces that can be bought on line or from jewelry stores that can be worn to match any outfit of any color. The opal which is called the “queen of Gems” is like no other gemstone because each stone is different to the other and comes in various different patterns and colors.

The making of inlaid opal jewelry is quite time consuming but worth it in the end, If you look at those pictures that show some of the most exquisite work you can imagine, you will realize how much work and concentration has gone into the making of a single opal inlaid pendant or ring.

Of all the types of opals that are normally used for inlaid opal jewelry, the Australian solid opal is considered the best and the most perfect stone, which is also very expensive and hence extremely valuable. The Australian solid opal is once again categorized in to crystal opals, black opals, light opals, common opals and boulder opals and these are the types that are normally used in the making of inlaid opal jewelry.

When making inlaid opal jewelry, the gemstone is inserted in to the metal of the setting so that the surface of the stone is in level with the surface of the metal. The most preferred type of inland jewelry are the ones made of black opal, crystal or boulder opal inlay. The opal gemstone that is mined and brought out of the earth is rough and has to be treated by applying various techniques before it reveals its true color, and it is only then that the precious gem itself is extracted to be used in inlaid opal jewelry.

Since opals are softer and delicate than other gemstones, better care should be taken of them. Always remove your opal inlaid jewelry when performing any household or garden task or taking part in sports to avoid scraping the stone. Inlaid opal jewelry is not for everyday wear and should be kept to be worn when going out only.

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