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Opal Gemstones Australia

Opal Gemstones AustraliaFinding opal gemstones Australia isn’t difficult, especially with the wide variety of retailers available in the Down Under. On just about every online jewelry website and every local department store you will find a plethora of opals—most of which vary in quality, clarity and color. Despite the fact that opals are so widely available, many people don’t realize is that Australian opals are some of the most beautiful on the planet.

Yes, the Down Under is a gem for seekers of opal. This fact is not widely known, because few jewelery retailers list or publicize the origins of the stones they sell. Of course, finding quality opal gemstones Australia is not difficult. There are many Australian jewelry stores online that showcase the colors of opal and show how they look, when combined with precious metals.

Often you can find slender oval-shaped opal stones, which are surrounded with swirls of diamonds. When inlaid in a line of gold, these diamonds help bring out the regality and exuberant color of October’s birthstone.

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, gem experts say. Mined in Southern Australia, there are large doublet stones. Many of these doublets contain vivid colors of pink, green and yellow. Australian opals also come in colors of light and olive green, and are often sparkled with iridescent specks of color.

History tells us that opal mining opened up a world of opportunities for Australia. Because of this, opals became a popular Australian export that has helped produce revenue for the country, gem experts say. Opals were first discovered by an ancient geologist.

Australian opals are some of the most highly-desired opals in the world. Black opal, the most beautiful of all the opal breeds, is quite prevalent in Australia. Because they are so beautiful, black opals often sell for higher prices than their less attractive siblings. Black opals can also be white with iridescent flecks.

Then, there is the fire opal. It is not quite as popular, but still, it can be found in Australia. Black opals can also come in colors of light green with stripes of iridescent green that swirl around the stone. Green Australian opals can look like emeralds, because of their depth of color.

According to gem experts, black opals can be more expensive than diamonds, because of their rarity and beauty. Finding Australian opals is an art, however. Most people who buy Australian opals are well aware of their value. That is why so many flock to Lightning Ridge to enjoy activities and most importantly, to check out opals.

According to gem experts, Australia is the world’s largest producer of opals. Australia prides itself on its supply of precious opal and differentiates between a truly precious opal and a type of opal called potch, gem experts say. Australian opals have a beautiful color play, meaning; it reflects different colors of light.

If you want to buy opal gemstones Australia, you will find a wide variety of stone are available to you. October’s birthstone is beautiful; it is filled with a refreshing variety of color and a beauty that appeals to just about everyone.

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