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Opal Earrings Part 2

Opal Earrings If you want to pull an already great outfit together with a breathtaking stone, you may want to consider buying opal earrings. When paired with other opal jewelery, such as bracelets and necklaces, opal can make an already fashionable look even better.

According to experts, opals come in a wide variety of colors, including black, fiery red and a combination radiant and iridescent colors. When held up to the light, an iridescent opal will pick up different flecks of color. Of course, deciding what color opal earrings you want will depend on your own taste and style. You can buy opal earrings as studs or dangly earrings. Many of them come with diamonds. Despite the beauty of a diamond, true quality opals can actually be more precious than a diamond—which is April’s treasured birthstone.

Quite often, you can buy opal earrings as a part of a set at a relatively low cost. Sets such as these are plentiful at online auction sites. Of course, the question remains: Which color opal earrings would best fit your taste and style?

Before you answer this question, bear in mind that opal comes in many colors, including red, purple and orange. According to experts, black opal earrings are some of the most popular. This is because of their origins and beautiful color that varies from stone to stone.

Black Opal
Black opals are very rare and highly sought after. Mined in Australia, black opals are not always black. In fact, they can be speckled with colors of orange, bright green and purple. They are quite reflective. Many of them are white with brilliant flecks of color. High end mainstream jewelery stores sell black opal jewelery and opal earrings for hundreds of dollars. Black opals are often paired with diamonds. This, of course, makes the jewelery more expensive. The stones are reflective, making them a great accessory for just about any outfit.

Gold Opal Earrings
These days, gold is becoming scarcer. Because of this, prices are rising. Stores are getting fewer pieces of opal jewelery. Opal stones are becoming scarce as well, placing them in high demand. This explains rising jewelery prices. Opal earrings are generally quite expensive. You can buy them as solitaires. And you can get opal earrings with diamonds, if you’re looking for a dressier look. Opal earrings can also look great with onyx.

Another thing to think about is what type of opal you want. Doublets are opals that have opal shavings placed on to another opal that may not be as high of quality. Doublets are generally less expensive for this reason. Triplets are basically doublets with a thin layer of quartz on the stone, experts say.

Be sure to check the stone’s background color. Opals with dark background colors are more valuable. Opals of lighter color are usually less expensive and of course, more plentiful. Opal earrings are quite beautiful when they are worn as an outfit. You can buy them in many colors, including white and fiery red. You can buy opal earrings in different colors, and pair wear them with similar colors.

When buying opal earrings, you should also think about what kind of clasp you want. If your ears are pierced, you may want post earrings. Lever backs are also popular. Whatever style you choose, buying the right piece takes time, investigation and patience.

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