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Caring for opal jewelry

Caring for opal jewelryCaring for opal jewelry is a must if you love opals and have jewelry made with them present in your home. I’m sure you love your opal jewelry enough to take care not to drop it or allow it to graze against any hard substance. But there is a lot more to be done if you really want to take very good care of it. Here are some tips that will help you in taking good care of your opal jewelry:

• Avoid putting any kind of solution on your opal jewelry as it will not do any good on your opals. It may in fact cause harm to your opals.

• You should keep your opal jewelry away from other types of jewelry as there is a chance that it can get scratched even if it is accidentally scrapped against some metal.

• Opals get affected if there is a sudden and tremendous change in temperature. That’s why you need to take it off yourself when you enter your bathroom. This is especially useful when you are taking a hot shower bath after you have just returned from a very cool place. Keeping opal jewelry off your body is one of the best ways of caring for opal jewelry while taking a bath. This prevents soap scum from accumulating on the opal. It also saves your opals from a sudden temperature change.

• You need to take care when you are having opals in inlays or even in doublets form – avoid washing them unless necessary as they are attached with the help of glue and washing them may reduce the effect of the glue. Caring for opal jewelry needs lots of patience but I believe they are worth all the trouble.

• Don’t wear opal jewelry while you are doing some manual work in the garden or even while washing the dishes in the kitchen

• If you are using a brush to clean the opals, use the softest possible brush that you can get – use a combination of luke warm water and detergent that is very mild by nature. When you have finished the cleaning part, rinse them afterwards and use an absorbent cloth for drying them – you should just dry them lightly – avoid rubbing them.

• Finally, remember that opals can get damaged because of makeup. Although you may not notice the scratches caused by makeup at the start as they are very small, in the long run, the opals will lose their shine because of this. So wear your opals after you have finished applying your makeup.

Thus caring for opal jewelry can be followed very easily by using the tips given above.

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