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Finding an Opal, A Unique Thing to Consider

Opals are stones that can greatly vary in color and brilliance depending on the level of quality that they are. These gemstones are known for being unique and they are truly special in that no two of them are alike. When you see a stone you can know that no two are the same and that yours is truly unique and that no one else’s is like it.

The gemstone was named after the Greek word opallus and the Latin word opalus which both mean color changes and precious stone. Through mythology this stone has some additional magical properties including that they thought that it could grant the wearer the ability to see into the future or even that it could keep the wearer young and prevent them from aging.

There are only five areas in which these stones could be found. These stones are found in Australia, Nevada, Brazil, Mexico and Idaho. Although there are five areas nearly ninety five percent of the stones are found in Australia’s four major mines. The make up of an opal is unique in that they are made up of water therefore the stones are softer and more easily damaged than others.

Often times you will find inlaid opal jewelry since the composition of the stone is so delicate. This setting offers the stone more stability as the stone is more enclosed. Therefore these are very popular settings among jewelry designers and makers who are working with these stones.

Some other things that you might want to consider when looking at purchasing the gemstone is that you will want to find one that has the most reflective properties. These properties are how the stone is judged and if there is more reflections then the stone is worth more money and a much higher quality.

There are so many times when you could purchase an opal when considering a jewelry purchase. One such case is when you are looking for a classic styled necklace. Typically when faced with this situation people choose to purchase pearls however finding an opal and diamond pendent would also be a way to have classic styling. Plus you can find an opal in a variety of price ranges so it makes having one acceptable to everyone.

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