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Where to Buy Opals

Where to Buy OpalsWhere to buy opals can make a big difference to what opals you buy and how much you pay for them.

The closer to the opal mine you can buy opals the better as they are 1. More likely to be genuine and 2. Will be cheaper.

Of course not everyone is able to travel to opals mines, especially those in Australia, as they are so far away from most cities and even countries in many cases.

So we do not just have to find out where to buy opals locally but also how we can save on our budget and how we can ensure such opals are genuine and not fake.

The first thing to do is establish what your budget is going to be. Of course the more you can spend the better quality opal you can get so you would be looking at spending from the top end of your budget.

Then when you know how much you can spend the next thing is to decide what you can get for that budget. A Hawaiian opal, or a black crystal, or a beautiful white or translucent opal. A ring or necklace or even a pendent or earrings.

When that is established then it is a case of looking around and finding what you have decided upon and the price you have decided to pay.
You can get a good ideal from the internet. Perhaps check out the jewelers and opal dealers on line. Check out who your local opal dealers are and visit them. When you find something you like you can often do a deal or get a bit of a discount. These days dealers and jewelers are keen to get your business and are often prepared to offer a lesser price to get it.

If the opal or opals you are buying are rather expensive then you should look at getting a certificate of authenticity not just to ensure that the pal you are getting is genuine but also for insurance purposes (All jewelery should be insured for replacement value not original cost value as jewelery tends to lose value over years, at least until it becomes antique when it may increase again).

So where to buy opals is not just a whimsical buy what looks good on TV or the net or what the salesperson sells you. It is also about doing some due diligence and ensuring that you get the best value for money.

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