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Australian Opal and Tanzanite Jewelry

Australian Opal and Tanzanite JewelryAustralian opal and tanzanite jewelry is available online from many jewelers.

There are a variety of designs and models and likely that one can find something to please most anyone.

Some important points to consider when buying opals online.

Each opal should come with a certificate outlining the origin and qualities of the opal. A certificate number should be provided also.

Tanzanite opal jewelry has become popular over the years. It gets its name from the country of origin from whence it was found. It was named by the famous jewelers Tiffany & Co in1967.
Tanzanite has a distinctive periwinkle color effect. It has the ability to display three different colors when seen in three different directions. Tanzanite is generally an ultramarine to sapphire blue but in artificial light might appear more violet in color.
Tanzanite is quite rare so you want to be sure that the tanzanite in the piece is really tanzanite. A written guarantee to state you can claim a refund if it proves that the gemstone is not really tanzanite. You also want a money back guarantee that the tanzanite is really tanzanite also.

Tanzanite is a soft stone and care is required when wearing it. It is a 6-7 on the Moh hardness scale and should not be ultrasonically or steam cleaned and should it be exposed to heat. Cleaning with a soft damp warm cloth is all that is required usually.

Australian opal and tanzanite jewelry go very well together and each enhances the best aspects of the other.

Always check that the dealer is genuine also. Do they have a fixed address and contactable phone number, id s there a returns policy to enable you to get a refund of the piece is not up to scratch. Such due diligence is important to ensure that you get what you paid for.

It is entirely possible to get a very nice piece of Australian opal and tanzanite jewelry provided some simple common sense is used and you know what you are after.

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