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Sterling Silver Opal Rings

Sterling Silver Opal RingsYou do not have to know all about opals or sterling silver to appreciate sterling silver opal rings rings.

Sterling silver is defined as any silver that is 92.5 percent silver with an alloy, usually copper, to strengthen it. Sterling silver is very often used in Silver watches, rings, earrings and other ornamental jewelry.

Sterling silver should always carry a hallmark which should consist of the initials of the designer and or country of origin. The date is sometimes added also.

White opal is among the most common of opals and so tends to be less expensive. However white opal can look really striking in the right setting and some white opals can look really vibrant and fetch a healthy sum per carat.

A genuine opal should have nothing glued to the back of it but sometimes this happens, particularly if the opal is rather thin. Run your ginger along the back and if there is a plastic feel to it then it is likely a backing has been bonded to the opal.

Always check out a selection of opals. Never buy the first one you see. See some natural opals preferably loose so you can inspect the entire opal and not just the polished surface.

Some opals can fetch many thousands of dollars but there are plenty around that cost only a few dollars. Make sure you know what you are buying.

Opals should be cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed well then left to dry naturally on a soft cloth. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners, bleaches or other chemicals. These can scratch the surface and crack the opal.

Provided a bit of common sense is used you can buy some very nice sterling silver opal rings which will last a lifetime and give a lot of pleasure.

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