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Hawaiian Black Opal Jewelry

Hawaiian Black Opal JewelryThere is no such thing as Hawaiian black opal jewelry particularly. Black opals come from Australia only and are considered the most valuable of all the opals.

The color of a black opal can range from a dark grey all the way through to a jet black opal. This does not refer to the colors that sparkle within the opal however but to the general body tone.

The opal, strangely enough, was considered bad luck until Queen Victoria started to give opals as presents at royal weddings. St Walter Scott, the writer, had previously began a rumor that the opal was bad luck.

The black opal is found only at Lightning Ridge in the state of New South Wales in Australia.
The Black Opal is considered so valuable that even wafer thin slices are made into doublets or triplets to give them enough strength and depth to set into gold rings and other jewelry items.

It is easy to detect Black Opal from other varieties due to the unusual black “Potch”, the host rock on which the Opal formed.

Black Opal is the most valuable and beautiful type of opal. The depth and variety of colors is unsurpassed by any other gemstone.

A top of the range black opal can fetch up to 10,000 dollars per carat making them more expensive than most diamonds!

Watch for semi black opals, These are not strictly black opals as their tone is not really black. However they can still fetch over 2000 dollars per carat weight!

So if you see the phase, Hawaiian black opal jewelry, release it is the Australian Black opals that are being talked about.

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