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Opal Wholesale

Opal WholesaleIt is possible to buy an opal wholesale if one knows where to go.

By definition a wholesaler is one to sells to or trades with a reseller. So if you buy from a wholesaler for your own use this is not a wholesale transaction. Nevertheless many traders, especially online, will state they are a wholesaler and are willing to sell to consumers also.

You might need to supply an email address and sort of join as a ‘trader’. Presumably you will then be able to buy opals at ‘trade’ prices.

This is not quite right however.

If you shop around and check both the standard opal sellers and the ‘wholesale’ sellers it is quite likely that you will not notice a great deal of difference.

It can be hard to judge the value of an opal of course as, apart from established types of opals and price ranges, each opal is unique and there is no standard array of opals all the same.

However, doing some due diligence and understanding more about opals, perhaps even visiting opal dealers in your city and inspecting them, will help you gain an insight as to the types of opals and the quality one can expect along with the values and prices.

I pays, therefore, to be watchful and top increase your knowledge. It is very much a ‘Buyer Beware’ situation and, as you are the buyer, it pays you to really look and understand what you are buying.

Real wholesales only sell to the trade and they tend to know each other so, unless you have a business and can demonstrate you will be on selling opals, it is very unlikely you will get true opals wholesale.

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