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Opal Silver Jewelry

Opal Silver JewelryOpal silver jewelry can really look very tasteful. An opal ring, necklace and, very popular, opal broaches, can enhance a dress or clothing very well.

It is important, when buying opal silver jewelry, to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. There are many different types of opals one can have in jewelry and each has a particular look to suit any taste.

Opals need not be very expensive. You can get some very nice opals for a few hundred dollars if you shop around. It pays to do a lot of browsing and get to know opals and what types there are. Also the various sizes, qualities and prices. It does not take long to get familiar and have a good idea of what is good and what isn’t.

The opal should be a genuine opal and have a certificate to demonstrate its authenticity. The most popular is a white opal although sometimes a black opal can be quite striking in the right setting. Boulder and fire opals can also look very striking. Some opals look better in a broach setting while others will suit a ring or a pendant. It is a matter of choice and taste which you prefer.

The silver should be pure silver, 99.99 percent or at least sterling silver (around 95 percent silver) and the setting to hold the opal should be a good firm claw setting rather than a glue setting as glue can deteriorate over time, especially with the various chemicals and creams that are used on the body.

This brings up the point of maintenance. Opal silver jewelry should be well maintained. A regular wash in warm soapy water and well rinsed will keep the jewelry clean. Make sure it is completely dry, gently using a hair drier is good, to remove all water as this may tarnish the silver. Then storing it separate from other jewelry, especially diamonds. Diamonds can scratch the opal and silver and damage them.

When buying opal silver jewelry, keep the above points in mind and you can have a very nice piece of jewelry that will give much pleasure for many years to come.

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