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Opal Jewelry

Opal JewelryAustralian is famous for its opals and opal jewelry. Opal jewelry is very popular with tourists and visitors to Australia and a brisk trade in opal jewelry of millions of dollars is done yearly.

Opals can come in rings, pendants, broaches and other jewelry and as well as ensuring the opal is of good quality you also should ensure that the metal or jewelry is also of good quality.

Clasps should be of good quality and not lose or poorly fitted. Setting and claws to hold the opal should also be strong and not allow lose movement of the opal. They should not scratch the opal also and when buying opal jewelry one should examine closely the opal and the setting as well as the entire jewelry piece to ensure it has been professionally put together.

With the opal itself, the various types of opal available are listed in the links and on this site and which you chose is really a matter iof budget and taste.

Black opals from lightening Ridge are excellent but also very expensive so if you are buying something of that nature it pays to ensure you get a certificate to authenticate what you are buying. Especially if the jewelry costs several thousand dollars.

The white opal is, perhaps the least expensive and the most popular and can go well with most jewelry and fashion. It is also available in almost all areas of Australia as well as 0verseas even.

Opal jewelry is easy to maintain and keep clean. Warm soapy water and rinsed well then dried thoroughly is usually sufficient to ensure it lasts many years.

If you are lucky enough to be able to buy some opal jewelry, ensuring you keep the above points in mind will help it to give you many years of pleasure.

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