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Opal Earrings Part 1

Opal EarringsOpal earrings can look very striking, especially when the opals are really good quality ones with the characteristic flash of colors in the opals.

The type of opals used in earrings will depend on the fashion occasion and what looks best on you with regard to fashion, skin coloring and other factors.

These can include the white opal, black opal, boulder opal as well as the fire, crystal and matrix opals. (More information about each of these is available the links on the right)

Also the size of the opals can make a difference.

In terms of cost buy what your budget can afford and get the best possible quality for your money. Read this whole site so you get to know something about opals. Browse around and look at many opals and even get to feel and touch them if you can. Get some familiarity with opals and you will get to understand them well.

You will then be in a better position to select just the right pair of opals for earrings or just the right pair set already as earrings.

Make sure you get a certificate to show the quality and type of opals and even the estimated value. This is useful for insurance purposes and even perhaps if the occasion arises to sell them at a later date.

Once you have your opal earrings it is good to maintain them well and keep them clean. Only wear then when you need to and store them well when not in use.

Cleaning with warm soapy water and really rinsed well afterwards to get any soapy residue removed from the settings. Then dried completely and stored separately from other jewelery when not in use.

Opal earrings are a great jewelery piece and should last a life especially when they are well looked after.

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