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Black Opal Rings

Black Opal RingsOver 95 percent of all opals come from Australia Boulder opals from Queensland, Crystal opals from Cooper Pedy in South Australia Black opals are found only at Lightening Ridge, New South Wales in Australia. They look very striking if the opal is set in the right sort of ring, Yellow or white gold perhaps or even platinum.

There are various depth of black opals and the really black ones reflect many colors inside. There is more information about black opals in the links to the right.

Looking after opals properly is very important. It is a good ideal not to wear opal jewelery and rings when doing physical work. Opals scratch easily and chemicals, oils and grime can damage the opal. Not only that but the setting, such as the glue or cement or even the claw setting can be damaged resulting in a loose and, heaven forbid, a lost opal. Having ones hands deep in a car engine while wearing ones opal ring is asking for trouble.

Cleaning a black opal ring is quite easy. Wash it in warm soapy water (not detergent) and rinse really well then ensure it is dried completely. Then stored separately away from other jewelry. Opals can scratch easily and storing them with other jewelry such as diamonds means they can be scratched easily.

Looking after your black opal rings well will ensure you have black opals that last for many years and give you much pleasure.

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