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Australian Opal Jewelry

Australian Opal JewelryAustralian opal jewelry is very popular around the world. Many visitors to Australia make a point of selecting and buying opals for their jewelry or preset opals in jewelry

There are many opals to choose from, from the rare black opals to the white opals or the boulder or matrix.

Some idea of the opals available can be found in the links on the right.

If you are going to choose an opal to later set in jewelry you will need to consider the type of jewelry and what sort of opal would look best in that jewelry. Perhaps a ring, broach or pendant would be appropriate.

You can by opals already set in jewelry and here it would just be a matter of making a selection. What sort of jewelry suits you? Importantly, what color or colors suit you best?

Opals come in a wide range of colors and even multiple colors so it is good to choose wisely.

The quality and rarity of the opal comes next. Most opals are all of excellent quality and you can easily tell by examining the opal yourself. The link, “is it a real opal?’ will give you some guidelines in this area.

Rare opals of course are more expensive and it is really a matter of budget. How much can or do you want to spend? What even your budget I suggest you go for the top end of your budget and get the best and rarest possible in your rang.

Opals tend to hold their price really well. Apart from a mark up price by the dealer you, upon selling the opal you should still get a decent price for it.

Always be sure, when buying Australian opal jewelry that you do not buy sight unseen unless you have a guarantee that you can return the item if you are unsatisfied. If you buy online then take the opal to another opal dealer and find out what it is exactly and how much it is worth.

Buying Australian opal jewelry can be a real pleasure provided you are sensible and keep in mind the above points

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